In general, I have had the best customer service experience with webhostingstreet Hosting compared to other hosting companies I have used in the past. There have been some issues, but they have always been resolved in a timely manner.
  Tom Hall
  Jason, Lee, Jay, Shannon and Ben have been great! They have managed to correct every issue presented to them from me. Thanks again for all your help! I spent two months researching companies before choosing webhostingstreet and the main reason was for poor support I have experienced from other companies. With the support I have received other the last week I know I have made the right decission using webhostingstreet!
  Charles Boudinot
  Your support is always good. I appreciate that your tech (Lee) took the time to give me a phone call, but an e-mail reply is just as good for me.No improvement is necessary.
  Daniel Armstrong
  It was a pleasure workinh with your support, inspite of my time zone and being from India, I was worried how I will be abel to get my things running. Your support is reassuring.
  Venkatesh in India
  Your support has been very helpful to my 10 million quesions. so, thanks!
  William Ye
  Overall, we are impressed with your service and pricing. We thank you for that.
  Chris DiRado
  Drew and Jay have been great to work with, and it's a really long story, so I won't go into details, but I must also comment on the excellent service that Jason provided on Nov. 15th. He contacted my rep (sorry to bother Drew on Sunday evening). Jason fixed my problem and stayed on the phone to answer questions I had. He is a real winner, guys, don't let him go. Also about your survey above, I would have clicked "naming my first born" but he's already named, I don't he'd like it if I changed his name at this point. Also, I would have clicked "we are baking you cookies" but I'm not such a great cook, so you wouldn't want 'em. But just to be clear about things, support this evening was A+++++++++++++++++++! Thanks Jason, Jay and Drew.
  SJ Franks
  Thanks for you help, I couldn't run my business without you!
  Wendy Poling
  Support is very good - answered my question quickly, keep up the good work
  Chuck Reynolds
  I have always had fast and detailed replies from your support staff specially Jason, Shannon, Jay and all others.
  Sam Haider
  Tough job, you guys are consistently excellent. Most importantly, I almost always here from you within hours or a day at most. Jason, you're the man! Keep it up and I AM going to send you a box of babies and cookies!
  Ron Arnone
  I have already named my first born and I don't bake very well, but everything was handled great! Keep up the super work. The only way it could be an better would be if you could read my mind and fix the problem before I send in a ticket!
  You guys are great, love working with all of you, it is important to know that you have a partner who is truly concerned with us resellers making money, is we make monwy you should as well.
  as always, your people ROCK (thats a good thing) and I should know with all the different hosting providers I have dealt with
  Matthew Cribbs
  I really like it when I don't have to wait for support your Live Chat Support is awesome 24/7 even on christmas. I have issues with patience.
  Thanks you guys for your excellent support. When i was in a big trouble you were always there, listening patiently to my unlimited number of questions. Lee, Shannon, Jason. Thank You
  Selcuk Engin
  The team has helped me build my business over the last year and I would be DEAD in the water without the techs!!! Thanks!!!!
  David Carvallo
  From my first contact with webhostingstreet and through all my dealings with the sales and technical staff I have been more than pleased. Everyone there goes out of their way to help a new account get started and an established one continue to grow. A completely different experience than my last supplier. (AITCOM.NET)
  Ray in Arizona
  We have been in business for six years and we switched our hosting services to webhostingstreet about nine months ago. The service is excellent and, believe us, we checked out service and pricing very carefully before making a switch so critical to the success of our business. We are very pleased with webhostingstreet and expect to stay with them for a very long time.
  Vivienne in California
  After years of nightmare experiences with sending our clients direct to other major hosting services we are enjoying with tremendous delight the quality and caring of webhostingstreet. The download time is fast and reliable, the control panel interface is simple and easy to use and the support is fantastic!! As our strategy for our clients is based upon multiple sites, webhostingstreet's all inclusive pricing structure is a natural fit. Thanks guys you are doing a GREAT job.
  Barry in Oregon
  I have dealt with four hosting providers in the past 2 years and webhostingstreet is the FIRST to deliver on the level of customer service that is promised. At past hosting providers I had to deal with frequent unexpected and unexplained downtime, arrogant technicians, 2 day response times, continual FrontPage errors, and much more. Our relationship with webhostingstreet Hosting allows us to set up and transfer new websites in minutes, deal with client issues in hours, and provide unparalleled service to our clients. Thanks to webhostingstreet Hosting we now view our hosting operation as a competitive advantage instead of simply providing one-stop-shop convenience to our clients.
  Eric in Ohio
  With the economic climate being what it is, I found out about webhostingstreet at the right time. I can't tell you how many hosting company's have tried to pry me from webhostingstreet but when I mention the great prices and package offers the competitors usually hang up in disbelief.
  Michael in New Jersey
  I have found webhostingstreet greatly helpful in creating multiple sister domains (ie, web sites). Keeping track of it all (the multiple domains) is where my recommendation of webhostingstreet comes in. It is set up well for ease of tracking and usage, and their support is particularly willing and helpful (a somewhat rare commodity these days).
  Marvin in Wahsington
  webhostingstreet: This is where we are now. This type of program may not be for everyone, but since we maintain over a dozen URLs (for ourselves, our business, and client businesses), we bought in bulk. For about $100 a month, you have a nearly unlimited number of URLs you can host and you can also resell some of the space. [Rachel, considered a side business? "RachelLucaswebhosting.com"? Their service and support is very good (quick and friendly). They do have their hiccups every couple of weeks, but they are quick (generally 5 minute outages is the longest) to be back up and running. When you sign up with them as a reseller, they SCHEDULE an hour long orientation phone meeting with one of their tech people to make sure you know how to do everything. I was amazed! Proactive customer service? Proactive customer training? Unbelievable.
  Mrs. du Toit
  Since I've been with webhostingstreet, my web-design company has been growing rapidly due to better service from my company, thanks in large part to webhostingstreet's Sales and Support staff. Their sales staff was informative and patient at initial contact and has been just as helpful and patient with all my questions since. The support folks are always quick to respond and always prove themselves intelligent and effective. The control panel is the best I've ever worked with, giving me the control, the edge I need to support my customers.
  William in Oregon
  Amazing time support. In depth knowledge of support was amazing as well.
  Stephen Lau
  Dear webhostingstreet, I have been very happy with the server and service from your team over the last few months and would now like to get another server. Thank you, Steve
  Steve Bateman
  Just a quick email to tell you what a fantastic job Mike Vanacore and Kevin have done for us over the last 36 hours in regard to our server's hard drive. Both of them have purposely gone out of their way to help us and we are very greatful for their support. A massive thank you to them both and also to all the other staff at webhostingstreet who have made everything so great for us! I'm glad we didnt go with EV1Servers.com after all now lol! Everyone take care and keep up the fantastic work!
  Ben Hodgson - T3Hosting

2000 MB space.
50,000 MB data transfer.
Unlimited Domains.
3000 MB space.
40 GB data transfer.
Unlimited Domains.
2.5 GB space.
30 GB data transfer.
Unlimited Domains.
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